Up Close with Dario Franchitti

Favorite Ferrari models:
"275 GTB Speciale…it was a race car and there were only 3 of them ever made.  My favorite was the LeMans car that won its class.  My all-time favorite…I’m going to say either the Ferrari 250 GTO or the Ferrari 250 short wheel base.  And the Ferrari F40 is another one of my favorites.”
Dario’s Italian food restaurant order:
“Start with a Caprese Salad.  My Mom and Dad make an awesome meat sauce with any kind of pasta and I absolutely love it, but if I was in a restaurant I would order a pasta with meat sauce or perhaps a light salmon sauce over pasta.  For dessert, I would order coffee ice cream or tiramisu.”
Favorite pleasure food or race-win indulgence:
“In-N-Out Burger is the big one.  Pizza is a definite go-to food.  Who doesn’t like pizza?  Occasionally, I’ll have a cheeseburger and a soda or a cold beer or a bottle of IRN BRU, but that’s only every once in awhile.”
If Dario could own houses in any cities around the world, they would be:
“Well outside my house now in the Scottish countryside, I would definitely have a house in Edinburgh.  Sydney, Australia would be on my list.  Probably somewhere in Europe like Paris or Rome.  A place in a ski town in the Austrian or Swiss Alps would be fantastic.  New York or Los Angeles would probably make my list.  Oh!  And a place in Key Biscayne next to my buddy Tony Kanaan.”
Favorite racing movies:
“Well definitely not the movie “Driven”.  That was awful.  “Grand Prix” was a great film.  Steve McQueen’s “LeMans” was another good film.  “Cannonball Run” was kind of cool even it was kind of cheesy.  The original “Italian Job” was great with all the Minis and the Lamborghini at the start.  Any film that has a 60’s or 70’s cool Italian V12 Ferrari or Lamborghini in it is cool in my book.”
Musical groups on Dario’s iPod:
“Anything from U2.  The Killers.  Obviously Travis is on there.  Wynonna.  Paulo Nutini.  A bunch of Scottish groups.  I’m only going to tell you the stuff that I’m not embarrassed about.  I have a few questionable ones.  I’ve got a wide variety of music across a lot of different genres."
Last concert Dario went to:
“I got to go backstage for the U2 concert in Boston.  And for my birthday last year, I was in the front row for the Billy Joel/Elton John concert in Indianapolis.  I went with my wife, Scott Dixon, Tony Kanaan, my Dad, my engineer and some dear friends...it was a nice break during the month of May at Indy and an awesome birthday present!"
If Dario wasn’t racing, he would be:
“I enjoy playing around with currency and the stock market, so maybe something in investing.  The one thing I wish I was able to do would be…do you know those guys who restore old cars?  Like the old muscle cars or vintage Ferraris or Duesenbergs.  I went to Jay Leno’s garage the other day to see his car collection and all the guys he has working there can fabricate parts and restore these cars to the way they were…I would love to have the ability to do that.  I’ve just never really spent any time playing mechanic on cars and that’s something I wish I could do.”
Favorite cake or pie:
“When I was a kid and went to school, there was this lady there that made some kind of caramel cake with a hard crust and I loved that cake.  My buddy Alan who went to school with me, for my birthday he found the recipe and gave it to my wife, so every now and then I get to have that.”
In Dario’s refrigerator you would find:
“Tons of Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate from the UK, not from the States.  Plenty of IRN BRU from Scotland.  Bottled water.  Lots of Brummel & Brown spread with fresh bread.  Turkey or Prosciutto cold cuts.”

Grand Prix of Baltimore
Streets of downtown Baltimore
Sunday, September 1, 2013
TV:  2:00 p.m. EST on NBCSN

Top 3's

Top Three Race Tracks
1. Mugello International Racetrack (Mugello, Italy)
2. Road America (Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin)
3. Suzuka International Racetrack (Suzuka, Japan)

Top Three World Cities
1. Edinburgh, Scotland
2. Glasgow, Scotland
3. San Francisco, California

1. Cycling
2. Flying
3. Following Glasgow Celtic Football

Most Influential People In His Life
1. George Franchitti, Father
2. Marina Franchitti, Mother
3. Jackie Stewart, Scottish Racing Legend